Thursday, November 29, 2007

for those i love i will sacrifice

snapshots of my family taken during the thanksgiving break from north jersey / nyc
(as with all of my blogs) click the photograph to see a larger view.
part two. (part one below)

my father.

big richie & little richie

good genes, good teeth.

youngest brother, tyler

3am, freezing in the garage

you don't even want to know what we were doing

taken about five minutes after we arrived from our 10 hour drive up north

my mother in front of the macy's infamous window displays

my sister has no patience for the subways

going home.

for those i love i will sacrifice

snapshots of my family taken during the thanksgiving break from north jersey / nyc
part one.
my brother richie

that cat has been around as long as i can remember.

youngest brother tyler and sophie

my cousin gianna

tyler and my cousin jake

back of my moms head, aunt cathy, aunt roanie, grandma, dad, cousin kyle

single handedly the most important woman in my life, my grandma gen.

baby michael

noelle, grandma patsy, aunt tricia

grandma patsy, aunt tricia, my mother

grandma patsy

my cousin heather

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

seasonal portrait

kevin gave us an assignment over the holiday break to a do a "seasonal" portrait. out of the 40 family members at thanksgiving, only my brother and sister would volunteer to sit still.

nikon d200
nikon 17-35mm
sb800 flash (set on the table to the left)
f2.8 @ 1/40th (handheld > apparently i'm getting stronger)
iso 400

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

friday night football take two

apex high school cougars vs. the fayetteville buccaneers

1/250th @f2.8
1600 iso
shot on nikon d1h with a nikon 72-200mm 2.8
on camera nikon sb800 flash

Monday, November 19, 2007

environmental portrait

one of my dear friends, miss pallie nardali, was nice enough to pose for me outside of the uncg campus this morning for my environmental portrait. i used a fill card on the side of her face and a off camera flash for the set up. i only took four picture and this was my overall best.... probably need to reshoot to get more even lighting because of the sun through the trees.

1/100th of a second @ f8
nikon 50mm lens
400 iso
sb800 flash with a sc28 cord

Thursday, November 15, 2007

old decaying buildings

a photograph from summer semester for our large format portfolio. this is a 4x5 kodak e100g film negative scanned in. absolutely no photoshopping. i scheimpfluged the front standard of the camera while keeping the rear standard level to get the window distortion. the hardest part was standing with a 20 pound camera + tripod on a floor that has (obviously) sunk into itself, while also getting the sun leaking through the roof while keeping everything level. and if you've ever shot on a large format sinar camera, you know it's hard enough to keep it level on concrete.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


this was for our last portrait assignment. we were to have a female and male model and to take 12 poses of each; 6 feminine and 6 masculine. point of the project was to notice subtle body changes with emphasis on the three main forms of lines bodies make, "i," "c," and "s," shapes. first two of sarah are masculine "c" and masculine "s" shapes. first two of matt are masculine "c" and masculine "i". last two are feminine "s" and feminine "c".

f8 @ 1/50th
f32mm on the nikon 24-85mm
iso 800 (because i handheld)
set up was just two hot lights against the psych wall in the studio

Monday, November 12, 2007

as of lately

hanging out with your friends is always fun

(the catchlights in her eyes look crazy;
but i promise they are real.
i am not good at photoshop)

f2.8 @ 1/50th of a second
nikon 24mm f2.8 lens
nikon d200
iso 1600

Sunday, November 11, 2007

there is no greater love than my love for my family

family photographs passed down to me. my grandfather took a lot of photographs during world war II while he was mostly stationed in panama. no one else in my family knows the difference between a point and shoot and film, so i'd like to credit him with my interest in photography. all of these were scanned by mattbell, who is too good of a friend to me. thanks bro. if my apartment caught on fire, these would be what i would grab on my way out the door.

antique family photos
(the back of the print is a love poem my grandfather wrote for my grandmother on her birthday. "a lily for my love" is the title. talk about romantic. and please note the detail and focusing in this photograph, it is beyond amazing, it is beyond beautiful, it is beyond perfect.)

antique family prints
1940, panama

antique family prints
gramps on the left

antique family prints
probably the coolest portrait ever taken

antique family prints
back from the war (look at her smile!!)

shots my grandfather took:

antique family prints
my aunt ellie??

antique family prints
i dont know who they are, but that is one hell of a wedding portrait

antique family prints
my aunt roanie outside the beach house, point pleasant new jersey, circa 1950's or 1960's.. ish?

antique family prints

antique family prints
yeah, my grandmother is pretty much the most beautiful woman ever.

antique family prints

antique family prints

antique family prints
my aunt roanie again

apparently my grandma had a wild side... haha :)

antique family prints
that is my daddy!!

antique family prints
he's definitely the cool kid alright.